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About the Village

Saschiz, UNESCO World Heritage Village​

Saschiz is part of the UNESCO world heritage, and our house is located right at the foot of the Peasant Fortress, whose construction began in 1374.

The Peasant Fortress, the Clock Tower, the Evangelical Church and the famous Blue Pottery of Saschiz are the emblems of the Transylvanian village that we love so much, also Via Transilvanica visits us with the wonderful paths that you can travel by bike or on foot!

The pottery workshop

The blue Saschiz pottery, unique in the world, is obtained by the sgraffito technique, a technique abandoned in the mid-1700s, but resurrected in 2015.

Saschiz ceramics will appear in the shops and in the album of the prestigious Fragonard perfume house, which dedicates the year 2021 to Romania.

If you want to learn the art of clay and spin the potter’s wheel through the history of the Saxons, just come to the Ceramics Workshop in Saschiz. Our potter will guide you through sgarffito techniques, techniques that we believe were also used by local artists in the eighteenth century. You can enjoy a unique experience and, using the necessary tools, make your own traditional cobalt blue vessel.

Workshops include a short presentation on the history of blue Saschiz pottery, followed by clay preparation instructions and a brief introduction to glaze application and vessel decoration techniques.
You can find the costs of the workshops attached.

The Peasant Fortress

The Peasant Fortress of Saschiz is located on the hill next to the church. The year 1343 is carved on a stone of the fortress. The fortress had six bastions and a 60 m deep fountain (which today has only 1-2 m). Legend has it that a tunnel leading to the center of the commune started from the bottom of the fountain.

Evangelical Church of Saschiz

On the site of another Romanesque basilica, a large fortified church was built in 1493 in honor of King Stephen I of Hungary.
The massive church, built of quarry stone, in Gothic style, is of the hall type, reinforced with 22 buttresses. The hall is very wide and long, and the choir is closed on three sides. In 1496 the church choir was completed, and in 1525 all works were completed.
The fortified Evangelical Church in Saschiz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Turnul cu ceas din Saschiz
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